Boiler Monitoring System


Boiler Monitoring System

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Boiler monitoring controllers include:

  • IoT Gateway : 

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Dual-Core Tensilica LX6 240MHz, RTC, 4 MB SRAM, 4MB SPI.




RS485 : MODBUS MASTER (connect : max 8 Slave).


Modbus TCP/IP  On Wifi

Digital I/O

·         Incl. DI

·         Incl. DO

Analog input

8xDIO (with Ext up 32DI/32DO).

·         4x DI Protection : Over-Voltage 30VDC.

·         4x DO, Relay, Current 10A, 300W.

4x AI (4 ~ 20mA) ,Protection.






WIFI     : 802.11b/g/n up 16mbps.

LAN       : Option.

Lora       : Option.

GPRS     : Option.



MQTT /SIM/WiFi (Setting), OPC, Kepware,intouch.

Power supply

9~30 VDC.

Working temp

-40 ~ 85°C, humidity 5 ~ 95% RH (no condensation).


  • Rounter 4G HF8104 :

Integrated 4G SIM DATA to create the Internet. 

  • Temperature Sensors :



Temperature Sensors TA2542

Manufacturer: IFM

Wide temperature range: -50 ° C to 200 ° C

Analogue current output [mA]: 4-20mA

Technology standards: IP67; IP68; IP69K.

  •  Pressure Sensors :

Pressure gauge sensor: PU5404

Manufacturer: IFM

Pressure measuring threshold: 0 - 10 bar

Analogue output [V]: 0 - 10V

Technology standards: IP67; IP68; IP69K.

Howling sirens: Sirens with flashing lights, alarm when something goes wrong.

Remote monitoring system: Allows setting the allowed temperature threshold. When the temperature exceeds the set threshold, an alarm will be triggered. SMS alarm, set unlimited phone number for receiving messages.

Available SIM module, Wifi and LAN port to connect to the internet.

Monitoring and viewing the status of system alerts via webserver software.

Export reports of warning events from time to time in excel file.


Note :

This is a remote temperature monitoring model, the company can customize it to suit the requirements of customers.